Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the hidden gem of Bali and here is why  you need to visit it.

Nusa is Bali’s offshore Instagram haven

Nusa Penida Island is one of Bali’s offshore islands that many recently have come to love. Home to beautiful rock formations, clear blue waters, a huge array of marine life and dive sides. You can feel the  chill vibes all around the island , it’s no wonder why so many people want to experience the island life.

Did we mention almost every corner on the island is an Instagrammer’s dream? Don’t forget to get your 4G SIM card because, wifi can be a hazard sometimes

Read on to find out how to conquer Nusa Penida succesfully!

How to get to the island at first

Since Nusa Penida is an offshore island, you will need to hop onto a boat from the main Bali island to get there.

if you are coming from Denpasar or Canggu the best way is from Sanur Beach the ferry there will take you less then an hour. The speed boat ticket will cost you around IDR 150,000 and these run almost hourly from 7am to 4pm.

Small side note: the boats that departe from sanur beach do not have a pier. This means you will have to walk into the water to the boat. Most of the time there are people helping you with you luggage. So wear a pair of shorts and tuck away your belongings safely.

If you are coming from Munduk or tirtagangga, kusamba maybe the best place to catch a ferry for you. it will take about 35 minutes to get to the island. it will cost you around IDR 100,000 however this speedboat only departed three times a day (around 07:20, 12:25, 15:30).

there is not much to see around this small harbor and you maybe the only tourist there, so make sure you’re on time. Luckily at small harbor there is no need to fear wet feet because they have a small pier.

Getting around the island

As soon you get a shore and this will be in Buyuk, you will get overrun by taxi drivers whom will offer you high prices or their own scooter. ( we suggest not to take their scooter )

Here is where you internet will come in handy so make sure you have plenty of Mb’s and downloaded at least one or two offline map!

We hired two scooters at the scooter rental, just one minute walk at your right side as soon you come a shore.
the price was around IDR 70.000 we got them for IDR 60.000  because we rented them for four days.

we hadn’t had anything planned or booked, we just decided that day we wanted to go to Nusa Penida.
that’s not something we suggest doing, because we didn’t had good internet connection we had no idea where to go.

we drove off, not knowing where too, we where already amazed by the beauty of the island!
at one point we decided to head for crystal bay, because we where just hungry and wanted something to eat. We ended up at Alam Slumbung resturant, ate something and it turned out they had one room left as well, we wanted to know what it might cost and they told us IDR 500,000 we told them it was way to much, we asked if we could pay for our dinner and they told us we could have the room for half the price .with this new price (IDR 250.000 incl breakfast) and the pool in mind, we agreed.

Side note, most of the main road got repaired or renewed, this means most and we say explicit most of the rides you take on the island are easy, but some of them are just gravel or filled with potholes and you may take caution driving on those.

Must see on the island

Day 1

as we where just around the corner of crystal beach we went there to enjoy the sunset.
we arrived at the beach and where amazed by it’s black sand, the beautiful rock formation in the middle of the ocean gave a nice view.
however it feels super touristic, and the only way to walk over the beach is to manouver  through all the food stands, because there are allot of them! It didn’t matter we sad down at one of the tables and enjoyed the sunset with a cold drink.

Day 2

Atuh beach & Crystal beach

We woke early to catch the sunrise at the treehouse near Atuh beach, this is around an hour drive (by car) we suggest is you want to see the sunrise at this spot and you are not located near it, hire a private driver for ride! the last half hour drive to Utah beach is incredible bumpy because of the road being in a bad shape, it’s will not be a fun ride on a scooter in the middle of the night.

The staircase down to the treehouse is quit a hike, and the boundaries are just made of rope, wear good hiking shoes, it will all be worth it.

After enjoying the sunrise at the viewing point, we went to crystal beach, just a couple of minutes drive and it has the same entrance road as Utah beach, you pay a small fee here for maintainment of the pads.

Getting to crystal beach will be a hike down a staircase again, however they just renewed a big part of it so it will be a quit easy way down (5 minutes) watch your head tho!

Underneath the staircase there will be a small stall with food and drinks (they where building a swing as well and working on the staircase)
you’ll have to go past the stall and adventure down once more, this pad can be quit tricky but fun and off course well worth it!

we believed we where the first for that morning, the sand almost looked polished to us, the light was still soft from the sunrise, we almost couldn’t believe it was real!

Crystal beach is by far one of the prettiest beaches we have ever seen!

Day 3

We ventured of to see Broken Beach and Angels Billabong

Broken Beach

For us it was less then an hour drive, the roads at first are super easy going, but the last part you will be dodging potholes and you will have to hold on to your bike, as the road go up and down while it’s just filled with gravel.

For the first part we followed google maps, but when to roads got challenging we just followed other tourist ( because you are not the only one on advanture ).

When you finally get there, there is a parking lot at your left, they asked for parking fee and entrance fee to see broken beach and angels billabong.

There is a clear path down, and you’ll stumble right onto broken beach, you can walk over the “bridge” and have some refreshments there! Just have a sit on the edge and enjoy the view.

Somewhere at your right there will be the path to Angels billabong ( have notice, this is holy area, watch out where you walk) because of an earthquake this path is all broken up but still passable.

You will walk up onto natures own infinity pool, and with low tide you can have a swim up to the edge of the pool and enjoy the water, the view over the sea and have fun with some waves that will break across the infinity pool.

Klingking beach

We decided to drive to Klingking beach that same day, because half way up to broken beach there was a crossroad with sign to klingking beach as well.

So we pasted down the bumby road once more, to find more bumby roads..
but the the road half way there to klingking gets way and way better, we enjoyed this part so much! Surrounding where beautiful and raced each other for a bit as well!

If you go left at the road sign to klinking beach ( at the crossroad ) you will not need google maps anymore , keep your eyes out because locals made roadsigns saying what way you should go!

When you are almost there, there will be a parking lot for your bike, with no parking fee, so it’s free.
when you parked there just walk the road down, passing some small restaurants.

When you stumble up on this most amazing view, you’ll be amazed..
we decided not to go down there that day because it was already getting dark, we just enjoyed the sunset on the edge of the cliff somewhere up the hill.

We were amazed by so many people getting back up the stairs, not just exhausted but they samed so happy and all had a big smile on their face. We were to find out the next day

Day 4

Early morning rise (waking up at 3:30 for a sunrise mission)! getting to klingking beach in the middle of the night, for us it was quit easy because we already been on that road the night before.

Around 5 am in the morning we arrived at the klingking parking spot, we decided to take our bikes down the path, it is still a couple of minutes walk from the parking lot to the staircase of the cliff.

We were the first there, at least that’s what we thought! A big family of monkeys ” guard ” the staircase, the males from this family of apes are quit overprotective and didn’t let us pass.
luckily for us they scattered at the sight of locals.

The stair down to the beach is nothing but a climb ( literally a climb ) at the moment they are improving railing so it all feels quit safe.
you should definitely wear shoes and something comfortable, bring water as well.

We were able to really enjoy the climb because it felt adventures and we were super eager to get down.
have a small break now and then, enjoy your surroundings!

We were the first on the beach as well ( perks of going extremely early )
take your time, enjoy this beach, explore every angle of it!

The climb up takes the same amount of energy as the climb down, it gave us a adrenaline rush ( we just saw this amazing beach, amazing sunrise it felt like we could conquer everything), as soon you reach the top again you’ll be smiling, not just because you made it but because this experience will last a life time!